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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Art 29 WP to Issue Code of Conduct for Cloud Computing

The Article 29 Working Party, an advisory body composed of representatives from the DPAs of each EU member state, was reported to be close to completing a code of conduct for cloud service providers. Work on the code, developed by a European Commission-chaired Cloud Select Industry Group on Code of Conduct, whose members include Microsoft, Oracle and the Cloud Industry Forum, began in April 2013. The aim of the new code, according to the Commission, is to "help potential cloud computing users assess whether a cloud provider complies with EU data protection rules, and with their own data protection obligations". Resolving differing interpretations of cloud obligations by member states, particularly where cross-border services are involved and issues of "data location" arise, is seen as important in spurring greater adoption of cloud computing within the EU. The Working Party is expected to publish the code of conduct either later this summer or before the end of the year.

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