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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

BYOD Issues Spur Technological Solutions

As more and more employers allow their employees to use their own personal mobile devices for business purposes, issues arising from BYOD practices have spurred technology companies to offer products and services addressing the problems involved. With California requiring employers to reimburse workers for work-related expenses, the difficulty of determining defensible reimbursement levels has prompted Good Technologies to launch what its calls an Enterprise Split Billing service. The service segregates apps used for business purposes, with the associated expenses being paid directly by the employer, thereby obviating the need for a reimbursement program. Meanwhile, in an unlikely partnership, Google and Silent Circle announced that the next version of Silent Circle's Blackphone will come equipped with Google's Android for Work software, which will allow employees to compartmentalize personal and professional usage. Driven more by data security needs than by questions of reimbursement, the cooperative agreement shows that even companies that prioritize data privacy and security can find common ground with companies whose business model rests upon collecting huge amounts of user data to sell advertising.

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