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Friday, January 12, 2018

EC: Post-Brexit UK Will Become a Third Country

On January 9, the European Commission issued a Notice to Stakeholders that states that after March 30, 2019 the UK will become a “third country” with respect to transfers of personal data from the EU.  Barring a change in the withdrawal date or the achievement of an adequacy decision as part of a ratified withdrawal agreement, the Notice states that organizations transferring personal data from the EU to the UK will need to provide “appropriate safeguards” for the data, utilizing standard contractual clauses, binding corporate rules, approved codes of conduct or approved certification mechanisms, or justify the transfer on the basis of one of the standard derogations, such as consent.  Unfortunately for businesses, uncertainty about the timing and substance of the withdrawal agreement may compel the needless expenditure of resources on the development of alternative data transfer mechanisms that prove to be unnecessary.

Data transfers from the UK to the US will also need a new legal underpinning once the country’s separation from the EU occurs, since the UK will no longer be eligible to utilize the EU-US Privacy Shield framework.  Presumably a new UK-US Privacy Shield framework could be developed without great difficulty, as was the case with the creation of the Swiss-US Privacy Shield framework.

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